Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pipariya and the beauty of Rana Tharus

If you are in Dhangadhi, don’t forget to visit the beautiful village Pipariya. For those of you who haven’t been to Dhangadhi, it is the biggest town in the Far-Western Development Region of Nepal. From Dhangadhi if you drive for few minutes towards Attariya, there’s a gravel road in the western part linked to the main road. Again if you will drive westwards for few minutes, you will reach a beautiful suspension bridge over the Mohana River. Although the bridge is only for walkers, sometimes a virtual traffic jam is caused by motorcyclists and cyclists waiting for their turns to cross the river.

Suspension bridge over Mohana River

Once you cross the river and head leftwards, you will reach Pipariya within minutes. Pipariya is a beautiful village of Rana Tharus. In the village, you will get to see the Tharu households, their way of living and of course, receive the well-known Tharu hospitality.
Lush green fields

An old lady in front of her house
You will still find traditional houses, fishing equipment, agricultural tools, and household items. If you are new to this part of Nepal, it will be an amazing moment for you. You will be bewildered to see the beautiful dresses and ornaments worn by Rana Tharus. 
Bullock carts are still in use
Cows tethered to a hay-stack

A granary for storing rice
An earthen coop for chicken (lohoda)
Traditional ventilation
A movable fire-place (brossi)
Basket to hold cereals (bhonkia)
Fishing net (thathi)
Rope mask for cattle to prevent grazing
Fishing net and catch basket (kanjalo)
Happy-go-lucky children
Pipariya is the village where famous filmmaker and photographer Erica Valli shot the pictures of beautiful Rana Tharu belles and published the pictures in the National Geographic magazine. You can avail the pictures in the online version of the magazine (Click the link Rana Tharu: Women of Grace).

Have a look at a Powerpoint of the photos taken by Valli.