Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tharu jewelry – a rage among designers

While these unique pieces of Tharu jewelry are getting rave reviews in the social media site Pinterest, the young Tharus are forgetting their importance.The intricate yet simple designs are getting noticed, thanks to the advent of social media.

The ornaments mainly made of silver were a must-haves during the wedding ceremonies and special occasions. While the Tharus still wear some of them, most of the ethnic jewelry have gone down the road to oblivion with the modernisation. Read a blog post on silver ornaments of Tharus.

However, the Tharu jewelry continues fascinating all. Blogger Olga writes about Tharu jewelry in her blog post Traditional jewelry of the Tharu women of Nepal

Deb from The Red Camel writes about the Tharu jewelry in detail in the blog The Red Camel Tribal Jewelry and Textiles.

Tharu jewelry, once occupying the central stage in all special occasions, awaits the revival – of its glorious past.