Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some amazing pictures of Tharu women wearing tattoos

Wearing tattoos was not an option but a compulsion for Tharu women. An interesting post by Queen Enigma in Behance

Republished from Behance

Disappearing tattoo culture among Tharu Women

And all of these old Tharu women said getting tattoo was compulsory then, in order to get married. Else, no one from her husband family would eat what she'd cook for them. So every old women in the village have tattoo on their hands and legs. Interestingly, women just after that generation don't have any of it and were allowed to get married without getting inked ! Here are some of the pictures I took of these tharu women. Probably the last last faces of this disappearing tattoo culture.

Also this post contains some glimpses of Terai region.

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