Monday, January 17, 2011

PM stresses representation of Tharus in state organs

Kathmandu, Jan. 15 - Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal Friday called for the representation of Tharus in all organs of the state.

Inaugurating a Tharu Maghi Festival 2066 organised by Tharu Welfare Council (TWC), Premier Nepal said that the government was committed to protect the rights of the indigenous community.

He admitted that many of ex-Kamaiyas were still living a miserable life as it failed for proper arrangement of them owing to various factors.

The PM asked the ex-kamaiyas for the optimal utilisation of the land the government provided to them. "They should try to be self-dependent."

He said that there should not be condition in which other communities took advantage in the name of reservation system and Tharus were deprived of benefits from this.

"Tharu community is rich in its traditional culture and rituals. They are considered the sons of the land because of their integral relationship with the soil," Nepal said and added that they were honest, hardworking and tolerant.

The government is planning to set up ethnic museum in Champadevi that will display the costumes, cultures and traditions of 103 ethnic communities to promote their diversities, he said.

He informed that the efforts were underway to open a separate museum of Tharus in Nawalparasi district. "Such museums will help keeping the history of the country alive."

Stating that the country’s socio-economic character was still feudalistic, he said that the state was continuously working to bring about timely changes.

Council general secretary Raj Kumar Lekhi said that the Tharu community was still facing the risk of losing its language, culture and independent identity even after the restoration of loktantra.

Lekhi said that Constituent Assembly was conspiring to curtail the rights of the Tharus.

The council will be compelled to create a storm of big movement if the attempts are made to snatch our rights, he warned.

Spread in 23 districts, Tharus make up 5 to 7 per cent of total population of the country. The government recognised Maghi as public holiday to Tharus in 2058 BS and since 2064 BS the festival has been observed as a national holiday for all government employees.


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