Monday, January 17, 2011

Tharu community celebrates Maghi

KATHMANDU, Jan 15: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal on Friday said the government is committed to protect the rights of the indigenous Tharu community.

Inaugurating a Tharu Maghi Festival 2066 organised by different Tharu organisations under the coordination of the Kathmandu valley committee of the Tharu Welfare Council on the occasion of the Maghi festival, the prime minister said the existing hurdles to the rights of the Tharu community should be ended.

Saying that the Tharu community is rich in its traditional culture and rituals, the prime minister said the Tharus are considered the sons of the land because of their relation with the soil since ages.

He said the traditions and cultures of the country have not been developed as per expectations as the country is underdeveloped. He said the government is committed to protect and promote the culture of different ethnic groups. He said the government is planning to establish an ethnic museum in Champadevi in Kathmandu and a separate Tharu museum in Nawalparasi.

Despite declaring the end to Kamaiya system by the government, the PM admitted that there is still a long way to go for the proper management of the freed Kamaiyas.

Central general secretary of the council Raj Kumar Lekhi said the Tharu community is still facing the risk of losing its language, culture and independent identity even after the restoration of democracy. Saying that there are conspiracies in the CA to politically enslave the Tharus, Lekhi warned that any betrayal to the Tharu community will lead to a strong movement under the leadership of the council.

CA members and leaders of different parties lamented the lack of progress in the uplift of the situation of the Tharus.

Tharus are settled in 23 districts across the Terai and inner-Terai from east to west of Nepal. The government started giving public holiday to Tharu employees on Maghi from 2058 BS. From 2064 BS, the government recognised Maghi as a national festival and started giving public holiday for all employees in all government offices.

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